Self Storage Training Products

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COMPLETE TRAINING LIBRARY Get all 7 videos for $239 (+$6 S/H)

Buy any single video for $59 (+$2 S/H) each. Buy any 3 videos for $45 each (+$4 S/H). VISA/ Mastercard/ Checks accepted. Call 847/433-7510 to order.

Telephone Techniques - Turn inquiries into rentals. Rent space regardless of rates. Outsell the competition. Learn how to close. Sample telephone activity sheet included. This is a MUST if you answer the phone.

Making Sales Calls I - Make one sales call that turns into hundreds of referrals. Form alliances with people who will help you sell. Reach apartment dwellers and people as they move into town. Sample letters, coupons and strategies included.

Making Sales Calls II - Businesses are the most valuable storage customers. Find businesses that can use your space. Prove how they save by renting from you. Discover new sources of business customers. Professional tips for creating business relationships. Watch real sales calls to store managers in a mall.

Telemarketing for Self Storage - Telemarketing can HURT your business. The right kind of telemarketing can help. Learn the difference. Avoid "sweatshop" aggressive techniques, but learn procedures that on-site managers can use in their spare time. Includes sample residential and business scripts.

Selling Space - Why some managers can convince anyone to rent. How to be the most popular storage facility in town. Avoid words and actions that scare customers away. Includes manager test, receive certifcate if manager passes.

How To Raise Rents - Make more money without scaring tenants away. Six D0s and DON'Ts when raising rents. Analyze occupancy 3 ways. What you should NEVER mention. Sample letters included. You can't afford to skip this tape.


Management By Design - Protect your facility from insurance and accident fraud. Befriend local police without violating tenants' rights. Make the office more attractive and rent more space. Find niche markets such as college students. Real life situaitons that your employee manual doesn't cover. (65 page book) $19.95

Advertising Slicks - Choose your favorite line drawings, icons and cartoons for yellow pages, newspaper ads and direct mail campaigns. Sample brochures, door hangers and yellow pages. Put pizzazz in your marketing for pennies per image. $39.95

Order both Management by Design and Advertising Slicks for $45.

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